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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography
Are you getting married soon and looking for a photographer? I pride myself in providing a non-complicated Wedding Photography Service for all, including British Nationals (including Chinese or those from Taiwan visiting the UK).
Bristol, London or even Paris
I am a keen traveller and have been lucky enough to visit many parts of this wonderful world we live in. My home is near Bristol but I am happy to travel anywhere in the ( UK ) or even further afield Like ( Paris ) ( London )  as long as my travel expenses can be met (by train or Fuel costs ) and associated accommodation costs.
如果你需要一個攝影師,你正在訪問英國,你是來自美國,英國,台灣,日本,中國,你會喜歡你的婚禮或婚禮前的漂亮的照片拍攝接觸特洛伊我的妻子是來自台灣,所以你可以聯繫我們中國人也 關於特洛伊和山
價格250 £開始了1小時的會議+旅遊費用有沒有隱藏的。如果你是有需要的攝影師,你正在訪問英國,你是來自美國,英國,台灣,日本,中國願與你漂亮的照片的額外費用你的婚禮上的位置,如瀑布,風景,海灘,歷史區接觸特洛伊
Wedding Ceremonies Photography Service
  • Registry office £ 120.00
  • Wedding Special deals for Unemployed £80.00 (proof of Benefit required)
  • Church Weddings for UK Nationals.
  •  £ 300 x 6 A 4 pictures 1 hour service plus Travel Expense
  • Muslim, Indian ,Chinese ,Taiwan,Taiwanese ,Japanese Visiting the UK  £ 150 .00 Plus Travel Expense I am happy to travel to Paris , UK Price does not Include Travel
  • Registry office £ 120.00
  • Wedding Special deals for Unemployed £80.00 (proof of Benefit required)
  • Church Weddings for UK Nationals, Muslim, Indian £ 300 x 6 A 4 pictures 1 hour service
  • Visiting Chinese ,Taiwanese,Japanese  to Europe £150 3 x A4 Pictures
  • Paris £ 300 plus Euro Tunnel Train + Transport to Location on the day  book early with your requirements
Pre or After Wedding Photography Service
Photo 1 or 2 hour service plus travel fee half day in Paris Muslims, Indians, Chinese, Taiwanese, Taiwanese, Japanese and British £250.00 plus travel expenses I would be happy to travel to Paris, UK Price does not include travel expenses to Europe to visiting girls From #Muslims, #Indians, #Chinese, #Taiwanese, #Taiwanese, #Japanese £ 300 -20 x photo in UK service in Paris £350 +Euro Tunnel Train + Bed and Breakfast and transport one day ahead of location – I provide post-wedding shots for Chinese nationals # Landscape # Waterfall shot £300 in the lovely place I chose
照片1或2小時服務加上半天在巴黎的旅費 穆斯林,印度人,中國人,台灣人,台灣人,日本人和英國人£250.00加上旅行費用我很樂意前往英國巴黎價格不包括旅行費用  到歐洲來訪的女孩來自#Muslims,#印度人#中國人#台灣人#台灣人#日本人300英鎊-20英鎊在英國服務的照片在巴黎350英鎊+歐元隧道火車+住宿和早餐和運輸提前一天位置 – 我為中國國民提供婚後照片#風景#瀑佈在我選擇的可愛的地方拍攝了300英鎊



Pre or After Wedding Photography Service in UK and Paris

Prices  start from £ 250  for a 1 hour session + Travel Expense  there are NO hidden extra costs .if you are in need of A Photographer you are Visiting UK you are from USA ,UK or Taiwan, Japan, China and you would like Nice Pictures of your wedding  on Locations Such as Waterfalls , Landscape, Beach , Historic Area contact troy

Treasured Memories Photography with a Difference

I can provide a ‘non-pressured’ photography service at various locations (including your own choice). Perhaps a landscape or seascape setting where I can take ‘non-every day’ pre or post wedding shots. This is a special photography service which will give you out of the ordinary treasured pictures of a day that you will remember for many years to come and that will be so different from everyone else’s pictures.

Without giving too much away, you must be prepared to get wet and a change of clothing will be required. You must also be flexible with dates due to weather conditions but you will be kept fully informed.


Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography