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Somerset Floods 21 – 21 – 2019

So good morning it’s Sunday and so yesterday troypointerphotography was out in Somerset taking a look at the flooded areas which usually are in this area mainly unless there is a lot more rain And actually I was quite surprised that there were not more flooded areas in Somerset then I saw yesterday given the amount of rain that we have had so I decided to make a short movie to show people what I saw yesterday feel free to leave a comment or just enjoy the movie thanks Troy


Thailand Time-Lapse 2019

Hi everyone this is a #Time_Lapse I had made within the 6 weeks in #Thailand at #Huay tung tao reservoir on the #Photography Tour 2018 – 19 sounds confusing right ? lol well because we were in #Thailand from Dec 7 – 2018 until just this last week I had tried to get more #Time_Lapse but the #Weather just was not right throughout the time we spent #Travelling – #Blogging in #Thailand and this is just one very hot day there was movement in the #Sky I managed to capture with any #Time_Lapse sense so enjoy this relatively small video thanks everyone


Quantock Hills night sky in Somerset sept 2018

Hello everybody pointer photography on YouTube Twitter Facebook Instagram so how is everybody well I have been busy recently so I have been shooting the night sky in Somerset at the Quantock Hills so here is a time-lapse video that I have compiled for everybody to see and enjoy keep watching Troy pointer photography between now and the end of the year there will be a lot more stuff coming up in the meantime enjoy the video and maybe you would like to join our Facebook group for the winter night sky sharing you can find us by searching @troyswinternightskysharing on Facebook
All Copyright Seserved to troypointerphotography all music on this video is supported by the Artist Daniel Birch


My latest wedding photography

Hi everybody Troy pointer photography on the YouTube with my latest wedding photography if you would like me to be your photographer in #paris or in the #uk #Taiwan #Thailand or you are visiting the UK as a Chinese national or Taiwanese poor Asian contact me troypointerphotography.com There is a copyright disclaimer because of YouTube harassment on this video or so there are no copyright infringement on this video I have consent by the original music artist but credits are given to him also – –
Music: by Daniel Birchwww.danielbirchmusic.com


wedding photography by Troy pointer

Hello Troy pointer photography on his wedding and modelling page tonight here are some new images of #paris wedding photography by Troy pointer photography are you getting married in Paris would like a photographer like me to come to Paris and take your pictures or are you getting married in the UK from  #China #Taiwan or any other country and you would like me to take some pictures for you I would love to hear from you


Marseille France 2018 Timelapse

troypointerphotography Tour 2018 From the North to the South of France

it had been a Long Trip from the #UK to #Marseille it was well worth it and I would do it again but for me its to Busy yes to Busy I like the more Quiet Locations like the Mountains in some of the Video`s you can see on my #Twitter well this is a #Timelapse I took in #Marseille just one of Many

thanks 4 watching



troypointerphotography Tour 2018 North to the South of France Part 1


Good Afternoon everybody MOUNTAINS Part 1  troypointerphotography Tour 2018 North to the South of France live on the YouTube Facebook Instagram and Twitter with a new blog video from the photography tour the north to the south of France moving up through the mountains near the Pyrenees mountains in France enjoy more videos to come and timelapse videos #Campervan #Travel #Travelblog
#Blogging-Travel #Life-in-a-Campervan-France #France-Holidays-In-a-Campervan


Yatton Sunrise Time-Lapse

Hi everybody Troy pointer photography

with another time lapse video from Somerset this I did earlier on this morning with his sunrise and actually I decided to shoot you from another angle have been wanting to do this for a while but it is a little bit of a drop from the Bridge so I had to be careful and get down as low as I could to the river and I was also testing the new lens that I had and I think it paid off anyway enjoy the video- music disclaimer the music remix on this video is my work but the original artists have been given credit on my video also


France modelling 2018

Hello everybody thanks for joining me again

Troy pointer photography with another video from the North to the south of France modelling I picked this area because I thought it was great not only for the modelling shoot but also for the night sky and with the monument Archway gave great composition enjoy the music on this video is remix by myself and music Credits also to the original artist Please leave a comment on the YouTube



Marseille France Coastline Time-Lapse

Hello everybody Troy pointer photography

how’s your day got hasn’t it be hot in the UK recently well I just have not had time to complete the photography tour of France 2018 yet but I’m getting there slowly so here is another video time-lapse video from the south of France in July the music remixes by Troy pointer photography



Time-Lapse France 2018

Hello everybody Troy pointer photography back again

with another time that video from the North to the south of France 2018 this, taking on one of the rivers as we were driving down towards #Marseille Enjoy the music remix was remixed by myself and music credits also given to the original artists


Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography