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Somerset Floods 21 – 21 – 2019

So good morning it’s Sunday and so yesterday troypointerphotography was out in Somerset taking a look at the flooded areas which usually are in this area mainly unless there is a lot more rain And actually I was quite surprised that there were not more flooded areas in Somerset then I saw yesterday given the amount of rain that we have had so I decided to make a short movie to show people what I saw yesterday feel free to leave a comment or just enjoy the movie thanks Troy


Yatton Sunrise Time-Lapse

Hi everybody Troy pointer photography

with another time lapse video from Somerset this I did earlier on this morning with his sunrise and actually I decided to shoot you from another angle have been wanting to do this for a while but it is a little bit of a drop from the Bridge so I had to be careful and get down as low as I could to the river and I was also testing the new lens that I had and I think it paid off anyway enjoy the video- music disclaimer the music remix on this video is my work but the original artists have been given credit on my video also


Yatton Village the Movie Time-Lapse



Yatton Village the Movie Time-Lapse by troypointerphotography Hi everyone thanks for joining me again on YouTube and thanks for your subscribers recently to my channel and it’s supporting Troy pointer photography time lapse videos and images I have been shooting this movie for the last three weeks while we have had some decent weather but also some decent night sky even though there is some fog in the Time-Lapse video sorry about that I sometimes during the night the cold came back in and it lifted the mist off the ground but again I have tried to capture a moment in time where there have been some beautiful mornings and evenings and night sky I hope that you will enjoy this video and give it a like or a comment all music on this video is a remix which I have remix myself there are no copyright infringement You can also join our night sky sharing group on https://www.facebook.com/troysnightsk…


Yatton Sunrise this past week

Yatton Sunrise this past week with troy I have been filming some #timelapse videos over the last week which I am sharing on utube and facebook and twitter singly and then I will post a Final

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thanks troy

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Last Night Shoot Yatton 2.30 am

Hello everybody Troy pointer photography on the blog

well I have been waiting for the weather to change for some time now as he has been so up and down recently with all the wet weather and the unsettled Sky and last night I thought there was going to be a lovely clear Sky but actually about 2 o’clock this morning it was blowing a gale it was cold and it was Sleepy snow and intermittently there were clear spells so I did go out and try to capture some of the local area in Somerset particularly Yatton and so here are some pictures that I took last night today the 13th of the 2nd 2018 weather is supposed to be a lot better than yesterday but it remains to be seen if there are good clear spells tonight I might shoot again tonight in the meantime enjoy the images on this post if you have any questions or you are interested for images please contact me thanks very much



One Afternoon in Yatton

Hi everyone well I was at a Loose end yesterday and Decided to Make a Short timelapse Video in #Somerset so I chose the Current Location you are watching I hope you enjoy Leave a Real Comment or may be you would like to Subscribe to my Chanel thanks all

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Troys Weather Blog 2day

Hi Good morning , Well the weather has not been to kind recently so I have been waiting 4 a Morning just like today , what a Fine Morning Sunrise it has been in YATTON Village near Bristol


IMG_4058  pan web         Untitled_Panorama12 web

IMG_4058 web        IMG_4093 web tv


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