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night sky yatton today by troypointerphotography

4 k night sky yatton today 02 – 11- 2018  by troypointerphotography
Hello everybody Troy pointer photography on the YouTube where the small video that I have made since last night here in Somerset of the night sky enjoy and if you would like to share your images and time-lapse videos of your night sky why don’t you join our group on Facebook @troyswinternightskysharing music credit to this video has been given also to the artists and I have full consent of the artist for the music on this video thanks to Daniel Birch great ambient music artist


Clevedon North Somerset Time-Lapse

Hi and good evening on this Saturday night

I have been some what busy recently with photography for one reason or another, I have wanted to catch the weather for some early morning shooting for some NEW ! Time-Lapse Videos so I had chosen the river crossing into Clevedon in North Somerset which actually is not so far from my home.

I had been watching the weather for some time and as it looked promising I had spent the Last 4 days shooting on the River while I am posting  this post

I wish to thank everyone who was walking to work or running taking time out to speak to me about what I was doing I thank  you all and I hope you will enjoy these 2 Videos and tell your friends

in the meantime it leaves me to say have a good weekend be safe

regards troy @ troypointerphotography

Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography