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My latest wedding photography

Hi everybody Troy pointer photography on the YouTube with my latest wedding photography if you would like me to be your photographer in #paris or in the #uk #Taiwan #Thailand or you are visiting the UK as a Chinese national or Taiwanese poor Asian contact me troypointerphotography.com There is a copyright disclaimer because of YouTube harassment on this video or so there are no copyright infringement on this video I have consent by the original music artist but credits are given to him also – –
Music: by Daniel Birchwww.danielbirchmusic.com


wedding photography by Troy pointer

Hello Troy pointer photography on his wedding and modelling page tonight here are some new images of #paris wedding photography by Troy pointer photography are you getting married in Paris would like a photographer like me to come to Paris and take your pictures or are you getting married in the UK from  #China #Taiwan or any other country and you would like me to take some pictures for you I would love to hear from you


In Search of the Aurora In Scotland , Lake District then events 4New year in Paris Start Date 15 Dec

In Search of the Aurora In Scotland , Lake District then events 4New year in Paris Start Date 15 Dec 2016 until the 3 Jan 17

yes it is this time of year now the Darker Nights are upon us however the weather is not always in time with an event that happens in the UK between December and March and it is of Course the Aurora .

Our aim this year is to be in search of the Aurora hoping to attract the BBC and other Media and to cover some of our Images and hopefully on the move some time-lapse videos which I hope to edit on the way .

we would be very grateful to all media sources and also BBC #Countryfile  to show if we see the Aurora on any of the Media Sources .

This event we are told is quite a thing in the UK and it can reach down into the Southern Regions of the UK

in fact yesterday I just posted a small video in twitter showing a MAP I have just done for my self showing such places.

we will Travel on Thursday  the 15th of December to the Hights of Scotland until about the 22nd of December  then go Down to the #Lakedistrict until the 24 December and then go to London for the 25 Dec Christmas Day spend the day in London enjoying our Christmas day for a Dinner and in the evening of the 25th we will then Travel to #Folkstone in Kent to get the #Eurotunnel Train with our Motorhome and Travel to Paris for the New Year events we are hoping there Might be Fireworks but not guaranteed but also Travelling around may be the #versailles #france Area for the Night Sky


we welcome your support and hope also you might be interested to buy Images from

troypointerphotography for your Advertising , Magazines , Websites and pictures for the Media on the Weather


Many thanks

Troy and Shan Pointer






Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography