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London Christmas Lights on

hi people hows it going ?

well Gosh ! what time of year is it again ? NOV my god how fast this year has been passing, I do not know where it goes or weather it is me getting older.

well as the Night are now closed in and the there was an event in London Turning the Lights on I thought I would go but unfortunately NOT all the Lights I wanted to see were put on I have no idea why well in the meantime I decided to make most of the occasion so here are some Selected images to show some of the Images which will  now go on my site 4 sale 4 London Tourism Magazines , Advertising , Media , Books and 4 you to buy

Thanks  from Troy


img_1267-web  img_1272-web  img_1273-web


North Wales Snowdon May 2016

Hi everyone sorry the delay , I have had to deal with some personal situations it seems our government likes to lie and miss lead us the public , Say No more.

well I have recently taken a  break to return back 2 North Wales to Snowdon, and to see more of the Area , It seems to look so different in the spring than it does in the Winter , you would not know it is the same place , I had taken the 4 hour or so trip with the Break in the Weather.

the Weather has not exactly been kind recently in fact it has been so up and down , I was glad to see some sunshine but for me the weather conditions were not as I wanted I was hoping there were more fluffy clouds and nice mornings but it was dull and the sky was not really that good if you are following me in Twitter you will see .

well Here is one of the New Images I have taken and I am posting some Time – Lapse Video 4 your enjoyment

if I can assist your company contact me any time

Thanks Troy


North Wales 1 TV


Pen y Fan Mountain Time-Lapse April 2016

Good morning everyone , well the weather has not really been  to kind recent but we had a nice break a few days ago so I decided to go back to South  Wales to Pen y Fan even I have been in  Lot of pain recently I wanted to try as I had only seen this Mountain before in the Winter with snow on the mountain, I was so Lucky this day as not only did I meet such a Lovely girl 4 some pictures but also got a nice small TIME-LAPSE out of the trip as the weather was so nice, It was actually Crowded with people and we had to fight to get a parking space it seemed that the whole of south wales had also had the same idea as us lol, Well all I can say is good 4 them because it was well worth going for a Walk that day . So here now are some of the Images if you would like an Image 4 print for your home or offices or Advertising or Magazines for Tourism contact me or download an Images which will be on my site soon time allowing so keep  checking on the Wales section I thank everyone for supporting troypointerphotography on Twitter @troyspictures and Facebook if you would like my assistance contact me

Have a nice day    ……Troy



IMG_1698   IMG_1666  IMG_1648  web  IMG_1668  web   IMG_1706 WEB  IMG_1671WEB


Troys Weather Blog 2day

Hi Good morning , Well the weather has not been to kind recently so I have been waiting 4 a Morning just like today , what a Fine Morning Sunrise it has been in YATTON Village near Bristol


IMG_4058  pan web         Untitled_Panorama12 web

IMG_4058 web        IMG_4093 web tv


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Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography