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Photography Landscape Views for everyone Clevedon Sunset Part 2

Hello everybody Troy back on Utube Instagram and Facebook this afternoon I hope that you are having a good day especially how the weather is turning out to be now Even though it has forecast to be thunder it is yet to be seen in the southwest hahaha

So if you have been following my post in the last couple of days I have been on a course for the last week For my CPC And so yesterday I have the opportunity of getting out to make another movie the 2nd in the last couple of days locally to share with you so yesterday was part 1 Clevedon

Today is part 2 which is also posted on YouTube as well as Facebook maybe you would like to leave a comment

The other day I missed the sunsetting Yesterday I didn’t miss the sunset but it was not as beautiful as the day before even though it was a lovely Sky

And so I decided to fly another angle away from any crowds flying down over the hills along the coastline to the End So I hope you will enjoy today’s landscape video views with Troy

If you would like a movie also contact me thanks everybody

Troy @ troypointerphotography

Music credit and my big thanks to Mahttps://freemusicarchive.org/music/Marcos_H_Bolanosrcos H. Bolanos Troy is a member of freemusicarchive.org who supports all music artist in return for some use of their music on a non commercial basis if you would like to contribute some music feel free to contact me info@troypointerphotography.com

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I am a freelance media International Landscape Award-winning Landscape Photographer who produces Landscape Views for everyone to enjoy As well as providing my services including #Drone footage Always Supporting Somerset Tourism – Landscape Photography for Somerset and the UK but also my 2nd Home Taiwan I supply Images for website and all Corporate needs if you would like my assistance feel free to contact me info@troypointerphotography.com Or my website contact box www.troypointerphotography.com

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Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography