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Reach for the Sky Scotland Cumbria 2021 Landscape Views 4 Everyone

Good morning everybody Troy back on Utube – Facebook- Instagram

How has your weekend been ? I hope that you have had a good weekend


I have been putting together you a feature length landscape movie which I should have posted before now but I have had some complication in editing the movie to share with you this evening on YouTube and also Facebook from the recent photography road trip #Scotland #Cumbria titled reach for the sky I have put this video together after a series of filming days on the photography road trip through Scotland to the Lake District July 2021

When man reach for the sky he never knew what he would see or how enjoyable it would be Since the time that we have been able to do this people have experienced and enjoyed seeing the #Landscape from the #Sky from all different angles whether it be a #Glider or a #Plane or #Climbing a #Mountain or even just #Walking up a hill or from #Space Each one of these events allows us to reach for the sky to see the Landscape below from a completely different angle Just like the recent #Richard Branson #Virgin flight to the edge of space Since a #Landscape #Photographer`s have managed to do this It has brought a completely different concept to #Landscape #Photography Being in possession of a #Drone as a #Landscape #Photographer allows me and other #Landscape #Photographers to bring you a completely different views for you enjoy

So I hope that you will enjoy this video that I have put together most of the day today I would also like to take this opportunity of thanking everybody that has been liking the post over the recent weeks and also if you are following me on #Instagram thank you for all of the likes and comments that I have received Enjoy this video music credit has been given to the music artist who I thanks very much especially Daniel Birch and also John Stanford who you can find on SoundCloud Daniel Birch https://soundcloud.com/danielbirchmusic/ John Stanford https://soundcloud.com/johnstanford/sea-of-tranquility-2 Filmed and edited and produced troypointerphotography I am a freelance media International Landscape Award-winning Photographer who produces Landscape Views for everyone to enjoy as well as providing my services and supporting Somerset Tourism – Landscape Photography and Taiwan I supply Images for website and corporate needs if you would like my assistance feel free to contact me info@troypointerphotography.com

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