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Scotland 2021 Glen Coe Falls

Good afternoon everybody on this Monday afternoon Day 17 On the photography road trip #Scotland #Cumbria Heading back down south towards home now it has been a great little trip given the fact that we are not allowed to go out of the UK yet back to France or in Europe so we have tried to make the best of it to show you something nice over these last 3 weeks we hope that you have been enjoying it on Facebook and on my Instagram I must confess I was hoping for a much bigger audience however for them who have participated in contacting me during the photography tour on Instagram and some of my friends and people that know me on Facebook I thank you very much So today day #YouTube I have put the first of some videos to share with you on #YouTube and on Facebook and also on my #Video page on my Facebook so today’s video comes from #Glencoe the Falls enjoy all music in this video has been credited to the music artist who I thank very much as a member of SoundCloud Troy support or music artist allowing some use of the music giving them exposure on my videos if you would like to contribute music feel free to contact me in the meantime thanks to done with fish Who you can find on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/donewithfish Enjoy and like I said if you have a question or you like to know anything feel free to message me Keep watching Have a lovely Peaceful Sunday Troy troypointerphotography #international Freelance Landscape Media photographer #Drone pilot #Travel blogger I can assist you with Images for websites – All Corporate needs – Or would like to treat yourself self to a nice Image for the home feel free to contact me info@troypointerphotography.com or Visit my site troypointerphotography.com I am a freelance media International Landscape Award-winning Photographer who produces Landscape Views for everyone to enjoy as well as providing my services and supporting Somerset Tourism – Landscape Photography and Taiwan I supply Images for website and corporate needs if you would like my assistance feel free to contact me info@troypointerphotography.com

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