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Burnham-On-Sea 02 – 07 – 2021

Good morning everybody on Utube
Troy back this evening with tonight’s lockdown landscape video views


#North Somerset

Yes I was in Burnham-on-Sea today I wanted to do something with the drone but unfortunately I don’t know what happened but it didn’t work so I have paid the best of the videos that I have made today and put them together to share this landscape video views with you this evening

it had been a lovely day actually with a cool Breeze blowing on the beach and it was nice to go down to see the old lighthouse in Burnham-on-Sea for a walk
and certainly before the weather changes now four storms ahead

so I do not know what you are doing this Friday evening but I hope that you would take time out to see this video and enjoy it

especially for them who cannot go out for whatever reason

thank you everybody catch Troy on the next video have a good weekend

Landscape lockdown video views with Troy for everybody everywhere through the pandemic to enjoy

Troy is an international freelance landscape Media Portrait photographer who supplies also images and Video for websites and all corporate needs who lives between the UK and Taiwan

Music Credit and Big thanks to

Paul Cesar
Who you can find on Soundcloud

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