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Rhiwargor Waterfall Landscape Lockdown Video View`s for everyone

Good morning everybody Troy back on #Utube #Facebook #Instagram this evening with tonight’s #Lockdown #Landscape video views I hope that you have been following my post and the video yesterday day as you know no I have been posting landscape video views for some time now during the pandemic supporting mental health and wellbeing and bringing something lovely for you to watch especially them who are sick or they cannot go out bringing some light to your day so as I have been in North Wales recently I had managed to take some footage that I am posting each day when that is complete I will edit all the videos together to make one movie I thought it was the best way to share a video each day instead of one video so I hope that you have managed to see the previous video and so here is tonight’s it had been a lovely few days in North Wales and I always only too glad to go back to this location after not being in this location since 2015 well if you would like to ask a question or leave a comment feel free to do so if not just please give it a like as always thank you to all of the admins in all of the groups landscape lockdown video views with Troy for everybody everywhere through the pandemic to enjoy Troy is an international freelance landscape Media Portrait photographer who supplies also images for websites and all corporate needs who lives between the UK and Taiwan MUSIC CREDIT AND BIG THANKS TO Paul Cesar Beats https://freemusicarchive.org/music/paul-cesar-beats Troy is a member of freemusicarchive.org who supported all music artist through the pandemic in return for some users of their music if you would like to contribute music please contact me #North-Wales #Wales #Rhiwargor Waterfall I am a freelance media International Landscape Award-winning Photographer who produces Landscape Views for everyone to enjoy as well as providing my services and supporting Somerset Tourism – Landscape Photography and Taiwan I supply Images for website and corporate needs if you would like my assistance feel free to contact me info@troypointerphotography.com

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