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Photography Landscape Views for everyone April 2021

Good evening everybody Troy back on #YouTube​ and #Facebook​ this evening and #Instagram​ with my new lockdown landscape video views for everybody and especially for them who cannot go out It has been a long time coming and so here is the first of my #landscape#travel#video​ after our long lockdown I have been Itching for this moment and so I could not wait for the relaxation of the rules allowing you now to be able to travel So with the weather being so nice recently and I had not been down to #Dorset​ for quite some time the Aim was to go back to #Chesil​-Beach but decided to go to #Chesil​-Cove instead because I thought what better place to do a landscape movie on the return back to travelling again after all that we have been through and we are still going through that it would be nice to spend the weekend in this area as it is not that far away from where I live approximately 1-hour and 50 minutes I do love this part of #Chesil​-Cove I have #Dived​ it many times it is not only good for the #Sunset​ And landscape photography but also good for the #Diving​ which for them who do not know it there is a kelp Forest underneath the water to the southwest area and usually holds quite a lot of fish including #Bass​ and also so some big #wrasse​ as well as as a #Cuttlefish​ and even at this time of year they should be also some #Triggerfish​ about Which usually hold out in and around a little wreck that is just off of the pub on the seafront Chesil Cove is voice of a beautiful area not only for walking but also to sit and relax and even more so recently with the introduction of the cafe at the end of the promenade it has been nice to see that it has taken up quite well compared to how it used to be before it also can be a nice place to see some decent sized waves and in fact this last weekend when I was there are there were some people trying to #Surf​ them I must confess that I do like to see the big waves myself which also can be seen at times on #Portland​ Bill So I hope that you will enjoy this video this evening and there is a slight delay on one part of the video which I stop the drone to watch the waves rolling In briefly so it was done deliberate it was nice to be there on such a lovely morning thanks everybody if you like it why don’t you give it a like or leave a comment your support is always welcome I don’t push my videos like other people do on YouTube I do it because I like to do it it and share it with you I have been supporting North Somerset throughout the pandemic period for local videos which I have been sharing mainly on a daily basis giving something to enjoy through the lockdown and especially for them who cannot go out by have been supporting #Yatton#Nailsea#Clevedon#Portishead​ as well as #North​ Somerset as well as #Somerset​ tourism catch me on the next one I hope that it will not be too far away before a post the next one Troy @ troypointerphotography #international​ freelance landscape Media photographer #Drone​ pilot #travel​ blogger all music in this video has been accredited to the artist who is my new collaborator with music on my videos which I am only too glad to use all my videos and share his music with you you who you can find on SoundCloud Alan Špiljak https://freemusicarchive.org/music/Al…

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