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Last Night Shoot Yatton 2.30 am

Hello everybody Troy pointer photography on the blog

well I have been waiting for the weather to change for some time now as he has been so up and down recently with all the wet weather and the unsettled Sky and last night I thought there was going to be a lovely clear Sky but actually about 2 o’clock this morning it was blowing a gale it was cold and it was Sleepy snow and intermittently there were clear spells so I did go out and try to capture some of the local area in Somerset particularly Yatton and so here are some pictures that I took last night today the 13th of the 2nd 2018 weather is supposed to be a lot better than yesterday but it remains to be seen if there are good clear spells tonight I might shoot again tonight in the meantime enjoy the images on this post if you have any questions or you are interested for images please contact me thanks very much


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Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography