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Archive | January, 2018

Derwentwater timelapse 2018

troypointerphotography supporting Lake District Tourism – timelapse – Dark Skies I had been up to the Lake District in not so good weather I was hoping for much more Clear Night Skies but as everyone knows
the UK Weather has been Murder and not settled so the Night Sky you see in the Video is repeated and I have made it much darker to show the Night Sky some what better I hope you will enjoy if you would like New Images 4 your company contact me thanks
you can also join our Group on FB @troyswinternightskysharing please leave a comments – MUSIC Disclaimer all Music Artist have been Credited thanks 2 everyone #cumbriatourism #CumbriaWeather #LakeDistrictTG #LakeDistrict_PM #NTlakedistrict #NTsouthlakes #lakedistrictnpa ‘kathdollah


Looking Back over 2017 – 18 Photography

Hi everyone well its been a Funny kind of Winter , I have not really done what I wanted to do between 2017 and 2018

as the Weather has just not been right so we have had to rough it out some what in the weather which has caused me some upset because of pain but have managed to struggle through so we have had some time away Filming and Photography supporting Cumbria Lake District Tourism but most of all for the Night Sky and Snow so we have complied a NEW Video with timelapse and Video for you to enjoy

I can assist your company 4 Images 4 websites – Tourism – Magazines – timelapse video

feel free to contact me or Download an Image which Images will  be on the site soon

thanks troy



North Wales Night Sky Sharing by troypointerphotography Jan 2018

North Wales Night Sky Sharing by troypointerphotography Jan 2018 I have been some what Delayed doing a Night Sky timelapse because weather conditions have simply NOT ! Allowed the shooting this year so far for this years Night Sky Tour I hope you will Enjoy this one and Leave a Comment I hope you will also share your own Night Sky Images and Join in on our Group @ https://www.facebook.com/troysnightskysharing2017/ #astronoteen#AstronomyMag #apod #WalesOnline #yourwales #BBCWales


Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography