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Archive | November, 2016

London Christmas Lights on

hi people hows it going ?

well Gosh ! what time of year is it again ? NOV my god how fast this year has been passing, I do not know where it goes or weather it is me getting older.

well as the Night are now closed in and the there was an event in London Turning the Lights on I thought I would go but unfortunately NOT all the Lights I wanted to see were put on I have no idea why well in the meantime I decided to make most of the occasion so here are some Selected images to show some of the Images which will  now go on my site 4 sale 4 London Tourism Magazines , Advertising , Media , Books and 4 you to buy

Thanks  from Troy


img_1267-web  img_1272-web  img_1273-web

Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography