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Archive | May, 2016

Dorset Morning Video and Images

Good morning everyone

well I hope you will be  enjoying your weekend this week , In the Meantime here is something  for you  to consider

Dorset   here is a Dorset Morning  Video by troy

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North Wales Time-Lapse 2

Hi people hows your day ?

well here is the 2nd part of my Time-Lapse in North Wales  in Snowdoina National Park , The weather was not so good 4 photography really but  I had a break in the weather which was a Lucky day and in fact it turned out to be a complete nice day but I am afraid there was No sunset or even a good morning sky so most of what you will see in this video had been shot between weather

well I can assist your company you can contact me in my site or twitter @troyspictures

thanks troy



North Wales Snowdon May 2016

Hi everyone sorry the delay , I have had to deal with some personal situations it seems our government likes to lie and miss lead us the public , Say No more.

well I have recently taken a  break to return back 2 North Wales to Snowdon, and to see more of the Area , It seems to look so different in the spring than it does in the Winter , you would not know it is the same place , I had taken the 4 hour or so trip with the Break in the Weather.

the Weather has not exactly been kind recently in fact it has been so up and down , I was glad to see some sunshine but for me the weather conditions were not as I wanted I was hoping there were more fluffy clouds and nice mornings but it was dull and the sky was not really that good if you are following me in Twitter you will see .

well Here is one of the New Images I have taken and I am posting some Time – Lapse Video 4 your enjoyment

if I can assist your company contact me any time

Thanks Troy


North Wales 1 TV

Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography