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Archive | December, 2015

Hualien,Taiwan Beach Night Sky Time-Lapse

well Hi everyone I hope that you have been enjoying the Christmas break and that you have all got what you was looking 4 , well for me I have been searching 4 the Night Sky as well as nice images , It has been quite a Hard Task as the Weather  has been so bad for our short break in Taiwan so we took a chance to go to Hualien Beach and low and behold the sky turned out grate for an evening of activity so I now join you in on the event

please leave your comments and enjoy

thanks Troy



Troy Pointer Photography Supporting Taiwan Tourism 1 Hualien County

Taiwan Tourism 1 Hualien County

The Adventure along the coast , as it has been quite stormy unfortunately the Government have closed access to everyone wanting to get down to the Beaches I really think this is Not called for it does not do the Tourism good

and that they should re open the beach access especially to this area but obviously when there is a storm coming to this area it should for safety be closed

well  enjoy  the video and if you have any questions  contact troy or you would like to employ troy in taiwan for local  Tourism photography

thanks Troy



Troy Pointer Photography Supporting Taiwan Tourism 2 Hualien County

Hualien County

I love this place it is so much full of nature but also Dangerous as of the Landslides and also Earthquake area

as it sits right on the techtonic plates and is prone to tremors regular it is such a Lovely place 2 be for me

I am trying to suport Taiwan Tourism and Hope there Tourism Board will contact me for images and a  chance of working 4 them in Taiwan


Troy Pointer Photography Supporting Taiwan Tourism 1

I have been awaiting this for some time as because of our Government Lying to me and my wife in relation to her status in the UK it has been over 2 years since we are able to Visit our family in Taiwan and that as we have had to wait  for  my wife`s New Application in the Uk to be processed and still is not sorted as of yet as we continue to fight with the Home Office as to our treatment we have taken time out now to go and Visit our Family for a short time 4 Christmas , So I  have taken this opertunity of the Photography and Culture I love so much in Taiwan.

and so I will be posting Video Clips and Blog post as and when I can so enjoy of you are a company needing Images 4 MRT Stations , Magazines contact troy thanks you can reach  me also in other Social Media places such as twitter @troyspictures

troypointerphotography supporting Taiwan Tourism




Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography