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Last Night Shoot Yatton 2.30 am

Hello everybody Troy pointer photography on the blog

well I have been waiting for the weather to change for some time now as he has been so up and down recently with all the wet weather and the unsettled Sky and last night I thought there was going to be a lovely clear Sky but actually about 2 o’clock this morning it was blowing a gale it was cold and it was Sleepy snow and intermittently there were clear spells so I did go out and try to capture some of the local area in Somerset particularly Yatton and so here are some pictures that I took last night today the 13th of the 2nd 2018 weather is supposed to be a lot better than yesterday but it remains to be seen if there are good clear spells tonight I might shoot again tonight in the meantime enjoy the images on this post if you have any questions or you are interested for images please contact me thanks very much



One Afternoon in Yatton

Hi everyone well I was at a Loose end yesterday and Decided to Make a Short timelapse Video in #Somerset so I chose the Current Location you are watching I hope you enjoy Leave a Real Comment or may be you would like to Subscribe to my Chanel thanks all

Thanks to everyone supporting my #Images and #timelapse I can assist a Company in the Wold I would love to get your Enquiry


Derwentwater timelapse 2018

troypointerphotography supporting Lake District Tourism – timelapse – Dark Skies I had been up to the Lake District in not so good weather I was hoping for much more Clear Night Skies but as everyone knows
the UK Weather has been Murder and not settled so the Night Sky you see in the Video is repeated and I have made it much darker to show the Night Sky some what better I hope you will enjoy if you would like New Images 4 your company contact me thanks
you can also join our Group on FB @troyswinternightskysharing please leave a comments – MUSIC Disclaimer all Music Artist have been Credited thanks 2 everyone #cumbriatourism #CumbriaWeather #LakeDistrictTG #LakeDistrict_PM #NTlakedistrict #NTsouthlakes #lakedistrictnpa ‘kathdollah


Looking Back over 2017 – 18 Photography

Hi everyone well its been a Funny kind of Winter , I have not really done what I wanted to do between 2017 and 2018

as the Weather has just not been right so we have had to rough it out some what in the weather which has caused me some upset because of pain but have managed to struggle through so we have had some time away Filming and Photography supporting Cumbria Lake District Tourism but most of all for the Night Sky and Snow so we have complied a NEW Video with timelapse and Video for you to enjoy

I can assist your company 4 Images 4 websites – Tourism – Magazines – timelapse video

feel free to contact me or Download an Image which Images will  be on the site soon

thanks troy



North Wales Night Sky Sharing by troypointerphotography Jan 2018

North Wales Night Sky Sharing by troypointerphotography Jan 2018 I have been some what Delayed doing a Night Sky timelapse because weather conditions have simply NOT ! Allowed the shooting this year so far for this years Night Sky Tour I hope you will Enjoy this one and Leave a Comment I hope you will also share your own Night Sky Images and Join in on our Group @ https://www.facebook.com/troysnightskysharing2017/ #astronoteen#AstronomyMag #apod #WalesOnline #yourwales #BBCWales



MOMENTS 2017 BY troypointerphotography

MOMENTS 2017 BY troypointerphotography

I have made the following Video with some Disturbance sorry it has been a very Unsettling year for the weather . And I have posted this now because we have Not been able to do the Night Sky as of yet because of adverse weather in the #Cumbria Area again sorry about that and I wanted to do an end of year video thanks please leave comments HAPPY NEW YEAR



My New Year Suprise

Good evening Everyone
Sharing with you today And my NEW YEAR SUPRISE   that of my Images has been Chosen for the following  Biography

I am actually over the Moon so I thought today I would share it.

By the Author PACO GALATAS  From Spain



Pen y Fan Wales update

Good evening everyone  well I had been wanting to do this post for some time on the website but had one or two problems but here we are

Last week I was in  the Heavy #Snow in Pen y Fan in South Wales and was hoping to capture the Night Sky however it was blowing a hooolio and blustering #winds #ice and #cold  but I did manage to make a NEW movie out of it and I am going back there today as it is as I have seen on the weather forecast #Clear Night tonight so will be taking a #FACEBOOK Friend #Richard with me hoping to capture some nice star images and capturing the #SNOW with the Night Sky plus timelapse and I am hoping that #Saturday morning will be a Lovely Sunrise before  weather changes again later Saturday

please feel free to Join our NEW Page and Group this Winter until Jan 2  – 2018  to share your Night Sky Images and Story on #FB



Also Enjoy this Video from Pen y Fan Last week with also the Conditions we were in



Night Sky 2017 Start

Good evening everyone

I have been meaning to do this post for some time however I have had some things to take care of in the site so sorry about that .

In the meantime I had been wanting to kind of showcase the Local Area in #Yatton with its  #Night Sky as sometime it can really look good and its on my back door step so the other week I took time out to get up real early about  2. 30 am and get my stuff ready and went out to shoot this  #timelapse that you see now on my Blog Post

Enjoy and leave a Comment  — Do not forget we have started a NEW ! Group and Page for this years #Winter Night Sky Sharing Images if you would like to join us see the Links Below or you can search @troysnightskysharing  on  #FB


Nigh Sky Sharing/





Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography