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Pen y Fan Wales update

Good evening everyone  well I had been wanting to do this post for some time on the website but had one or two problems but here we are

Last week I was in  the Heavy #Snow in Pen y Fan in South Wales and was hoping to capture the Night Sky however it was blowing a hooolio and blustering #winds #ice and #cold  but I did manage to make a NEW movie out of it and I am going back there today as it is as I have seen on the weather forecast #Clear Night tonight so will be taking a #FACEBOOK Friend #Richard with me hoping to capture some nice star images and capturing the #SNOW with the Night Sky plus timelapse and I am hoping that #Saturday morning will be a Lovely Sunrise before  weather changes again later Saturday

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Also Enjoy this Video from Pen y Fan Last week with also the Conditions we were in



Night Sky 2017 Start

Good evening everyone

I have been meaning to do this post for some time however I have had some things to take care of in the site so sorry about that .

In the meantime I had been wanting to kind of showcase the Local Area in #Yatton with its  #Night Sky as sometime it can really look good and its on my back door step so the other week I took time out to get up real early about  2. 30 am and get my stuff ready and went out to shoot this  #timelapse that you see now on my Blog Post

Enjoy and leave a Comment  — Do not forget we have started a NEW ! Group and Page for this years #Winter Night Sky Sharing Images if you would like to join us see the Links Below or you can search @troysnightskysharing  on  #FB


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Wales Winter timelapse Clip Re Touch

Wales Winter timelapse Clip Re Touch u like it give a thumbs up

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Join us FB 4 this winter night to share your images and share places, and how and where to shoot your photos or timelapse #UK #Scotland #Taiwan #Japan #Norway #Iceland
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Dark sky is important Join us Fb to share your 2017 / JAN 2018
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Chew Valley Lake Time-Lapse April 2017


Good morning everyone , well I have been into the time-lapse mode recently when I should be completing my website images 4 downloads buy hey ! Rome was not built in a day lol and I wanted to capture the weather recently so I have taken time out  to film and produce some times lapse videos in North Somerset

if you would like a Time-Lapse Video concept for your website contact me otherwise enjoy this Time-Lapse



Clevedon North Somerset Time-Lapse

Hi and good evening on this Saturday night

I have been some what busy recently with photography for one reason or another, I have wanted to catch the weather for some early morning shooting for some NEW ! Time-Lapse Videos so I had chosen the river crossing into Clevedon in North Somerset which actually is not so far from my home.

I had been watching the weather for some time and as it looked promising I had spent the Last 4 days shooting on the River while I am posting  this post

I wish to thank everyone who was walking to work or running taking time out to speak to me about what I was doing I thank  you all and I hope you will enjoy these 2 Videos and tell your friends

in the meantime it leaves me to say have a good weekend be safe

regards troy @ troypointerphotography


Wedding Photography Shoot Bristol

I am please that I had been contacted by a Lovely Chinese couple visiting the UK this month who asked me weather I would do some Pre Wedding Images in the Bristol Area and surrounding Landscape area in Somerset it was an Honor to have been asked and they also found my site in there search as my wife speaks Chinese was even better it turned out a good couple of days shooting so here are some of the Images I have taken and there comments about the work standard I give to my Clients from outside our country Many thanks Monica

Regards Troy


IMG_2471 IMG_2412

IMG_2398 IMG_23717

IMG_2496 IMG_2531

評論圖片和拍攝之旅 – 來自中國南京的莫妮卡,並用troypointerphotography
Comment on the pictures and shooting trip- By Monica from Nanjing, China.with troypointerphotography
It is such an unforgettable and lovely memory to meet Troy in Bristol. I think we can just call it “yuanfen”(缘分)in Chinese. I have to say that it is so enjoyable and excited to go outside shooting with Troy. He is such a responsible and creative photographer that I have ever met. He can always make you smile during the shooting because he is very good at motivating your passion. He is quite familiar with Bristol, so everywhere we go, the view is so beautiful and stunning. He is also very good at finding the best angle and the compatible light around you. You will never doubt the professionality of Troy. His equipment and knowledge about shooting is very professional and original. I can not help saying ‘Wow’ every time when Troy show me the photos after shooting. The color, the light, the view and the person are so beautiful. They are not only photos, they are art.
Moreover, his wife Shine, a very famous director in Taiwan. If you happen to be a Chinese. Troy will be the best choice. Thanks to Shine, whose native language is Chinese, you will never meet the problem of communicating in a Western country. What’s more, they have a motor home, where you can change your clothes, have a rest and so on, which will make the outside shooting more convenient and relax.

4 K Winter Sky Time Lapse by troypointerphotography from the Winter Tour 2016




4 K Winter Sky Time Lapse by troypointerphotography from the Winter Tour 2016 with 1 Extra the Wales section is added because we went there the week we come back from France and thought it would compliment the series #Scotland #Skye #LakeDistrict #London #Paris our 4 K Time Lapse through Utube NEXT @timelapse_org @TimeLapseScot @TimeLapseLove


Llanthony Priory – Brecon Beacons National Park , Wales 19 /01/ 2017




Llanthony Priory – Brecon Beacons National Park , Wales 19 /01/ 2017

I had been wanting to find another location for a nice night shoot not so far from our home after researching on the internet of many wales pictures

I decided to go and see for my self Llanthony Priory – Brecon Beacons National Park , Wales Ruin , as and when my Panic attacks breathing issue settles down

I then take advantage when I feel okay to get out into the breathable air and clear nights to shoot the night sky. I have been collecting some time lapse videos over the last few months that I have made which I will be posting as a Movie all together later when there is not so much Dark sky I will then edit a full night sky movie in the meantime I had decided to post this time lapse in #Wales  @  Llanthony Priory – Brecon Beacons National Park and Images as it  was so nice well thats what I think anyway so enjoy this video look out for the up and coming full video some time soon you can catch me on Twitter for updates and facebook

here now is the time lapse in Wales I will also post a couple of Images on the Next post

troypointerphotography supporting Wales Tourism for Dark Sky , time – lapse – Photography

I can assist your company for Images 4 your website , Advertising , Magazines , Tourism contact me or watch for the downloadable images soon on my site

Thanks troy

Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography