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Looking Back over 2017 – 18 Photography

Hi everyone well its been a Funny kind of Winter , I have not really done what I wanted to do between 2017 and 2018

as the Weather has just not been right so we have had to rough it out some what in the weather which has caused me some upset because of pain but have managed to struggle through so we have had some time away Filming and Photography supporting Cumbria Lake District Tourism but most of all for the Night Sky and Snow so we have complied a NEW Video with timelapse and Video for you to enjoy

I can assist your company 4 Images 4 websites – Tourism – Magazines – timelapse video

feel free to contact me or Download an Image which Images will  be on the site soon

thanks troy



Dark sky is important Join us Fb

Dark sky is important Join us Fb to share your 2017 / JAN 2018
The image of the night sky on our page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1443563749060557 /

加入我們Fb分享您的2017 / JAN 2018



London Christmas Lights on

hi people hows it going ?

well Gosh ! what time of year is it again ? NOV my god how fast this year has been passing, I do not know where it goes or weather it is me getting older.

well as the Night are now closed in and the there was an event in London Turning the Lights on I thought I would go but unfortunately NOT all the Lights I wanted to see were put on I have no idea why well in the meantime I decided to make most of the occasion so here are some Selected images to show some of the Images which will  now go on my site 4 sale 4 London Tourism Magazines , Advertising , Media , Books and 4 you to buy

Thanks  from Troy


img_1267-web  img_1272-web  img_1273-web


Halloween Images in Somerset by troy

Hi everyone well its that time of year again Halloween

so I have taken the time 2 produce some Grate Images in Somerset 4 the Halloween 2016

there was some hard work on these pictures including the Costumes , Makeup , Locations 4 shooting if you would like an Images supporting somerset photography or 4 Advertising  contact me in the Meantime enjoy

you can Find me also on FB and Twitter

20  25  14  27   17 24

Troy Pointer Photography

Troy Pointer Photography