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Taipei Short Break 2017

Hi everyone well its been a while actually since I was posting on my site sorry about that other events have taken place after some time now since visiting Family in #Taipei and its nearly due for another application to the UK – BA In relation to my Wifes status in the UK we had to go and Visit family for a couple of weeks as my wife`s mother has been under the Hospital so she wanted to see her Daughter as soon as possible so we took time out to spend time with her in the hospital and Doctors and Visiting some Family members and in the Meantime was Itching to get out for photography but low and behold I become Ill my self I had Caught a very nasty bug which did lay me up in bed for well over 5 days so it was hard all around including the weather changes and Storms Approaching Taiwan and so I thought I would share one of them Videos with you today 

thanks Troy


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