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Taipei Short Break 2017 – 2 Hyperlapse

Hi Back again well after some time being so sick and Visiting Family with my wife.I had wanted to get out to do some Filming but no matter how I tried I was feeling to ill , I was so Light in my head feeling so sick but not even being sick which in fact would have helped me more in feeling my self . But it never happen and I felt that time was getting to much close to going home already and I had done nothing that I wanted to do so I ended up taking a Load of English Medication to right my self as best I could as I wanted to do at least 2 x Hyperlapse videos before I went back home it was just a freak of nature really that I just felt like I could cope with how I was feeling and the conditions in Taipei so I got my self together and with my wife`s help went out to do 2 Hyperlapse timelapse Videos one in the evening and one in the day time

I hope that you will enjoy this one from the Day Shoot the Night shoot Video will come later as I have a problem right now recovering Images from my Lap Top but hope in the next couple of days I will have some more to show in the meantime I wish to Thank you all on #Twitter #Facebook #Instagram for all your support

Thanks Troy


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